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Mouthman® Animated Hoodies

ALLIGATOR Hoodie Chomp Shirt by MOUTHMAN®

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Gator Gator!  Scare your waiter! Chomp a tater! RRawwr you later!
Gorgeous gatory green skin,  piercing yellow eyes and a giant gator grin. Ready for a swamp romp?

  • Get your fierce on with the Original Mouthman® Chomping Hoodie Shirts that present a giant mouth when you hug yourself!
  • Created and patented by Journey bass player Ross Valory and The Tubes drummer Prairie Prince.
  • Lightweight, moisture wicking and UPF50+ makes all of our shirts good for  Sun Fun, Sports Fun, Water Fun, Fan Fun! 
  • Dye sublimated- eco-friendly, water-based, chemical-free inks.
  • High quality 100% polyester sport jersey fabric made from recycled PET plastic bottles.
  • Bright, bold artist designed graphics!
  • Comes in unique, recyclable packaging!
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in USA