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Philipp Sidler

Bone Kaleidoscope (55” X 55”)

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It’s not an exotic species of flower. Nor some bizarre wheel motif, either. It is simply one of the most creative compositions of fingers and skulls you could ever imagine. You were not expecting this, right? We know. Our PostMortem scarf collection is full of surprises, just like this dreamy brown and pink style statement that is ready to lend your everyday attire a rebellious streak. We are simply fascinated with the beauty of such simple natural elements and we also have a soft spot for unique fashion accessories. So here is a one-of-a-kind work of art to vamp up even your starkest outfits. - 140 x 140 cm – printed on Modal 100% – the edges are hand-rolled – made in Como, Italy – to be delivered within a box The scarves are produced from A to Z in Como, Norther Italy, world’s most qualified district for high quality fashion accessories. Modal is a processed bio-based textile made from reconstituted cellulose from the beech tree. The smoothness of the fabric also makes hard water deposits less likely to adhere to the surface, so it stays soft through repeated washings.